September 4, 2008

Taurine: Bull Piss?

Posted in Just Incase You Cared tagged , , at 4:59 pm by kimwongg

So as a college student, I drink energy drinks to give me energy, wake me up, caffeine, help me study.. haha righhhhht, but you get the point.  We just drink them a lot even though we, for the most part, know it’s bad for us.  While sitting at my desk complaining about having to read a million pages on organic chemistry, singing to the Hannah Montana and Queen that my roommate is listening to, with my Monster in hand, I see that on my can it says Taurine.  This brings me back to a discussion I had with one of my friends over the summer.  She said that she never drinks energy drinks because it contains Taurine which is bull piss.  I’m just like yeah, sure, whatever.  I just Googled it.  Originally Taurine was found in the bile of a bull and can be found in cattle pee, BUT you’ll be glad to know that the taurine that you drink in your energy drink whether it be Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, or whatever is made synthetically, so not from bull pee.  So continue drinking your energy drinks without worrying about bull piss.  But something to keep in mind, taurine is dehydrating so be careful if you mix it with alcohol or drinking it before doing strenuous work.



  1. rocwomensprisonministry said,

    Very cool Thanks

  2. Frank said,

    I think you’ll find that anything synthetic (made chemically) is never as good or as healthy as something natural. But then nobody would want real taurine then would they? I wonder why they even bother putting it in. Would it really taste that different without it?

  3. Brigitte said,

    Thanks. cuz someone said once there WAS bull piss in it and im like: EW! I AM NOT DRINKING THEM ANYMORE! but then when i read this i felt okay lol.
    BTW: this is a secret but my brother is 13 and he drinks is and im 11 and i take sips from it SOMETIMES. :3 but I never really drank a whole can so i guess im ok lol Well i know its dangerous for me so i guess i just wont drink it anymore cause i heard it may cause seizures… and all that stuff 0-o

  4. Amber said,

    Finally a straight forward answer!! Thank you. It seems everywhere else dances around the yes or no answer. I guess it really didn’t matter, cuz I drank them even after I heard it was bull pee….just kinda would trigger my gag reflex when I thought bout it lol

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  6. health said,

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